What new emojis are being incorporated in 2021

It is worth noting that a long time ago, Unicode 13 117 was included, and Unicode 12 230 was added in different styles, colors and shapes.

word emoji It comes from Japanese, a term used for Back to ideogram Characters that is used in Online messaging and networking. In the end this means that it is a file drawn character.

What Emojis Are Incorporated Until 2021?

With Emoji 14, 37 new emojis have been added to the 2021 list. Among the skin and gender changes, 74 variants added. The main protagonist is the emoji of shake hand, with all possible skin tone combinations.

List of 37 new emojis

  • melting face
  • Face with open eyes and pass it over his mouth
  • Face with wide open eyes
  • waving face
  • dotted line face
  • diagonal mouth face
  • face holding tears
  • Right hand (with skin color variants)
  • Left hand (with skin color variants)
  • Palm (with skin tone variants)
  • Palm (with skin tone variants)
  • Hand with index finger and thumb crossed (with skin color variants)
  • Pointer pointing to the viewfinder (with skin tone variables)
  • Hands Make the Heart (in skin tones)
  • Handshake (with skin color variants)
  • Biting the lower lip
  • Crown Person (with skin color variants)
  • Pregnant man (with skin tones)
  • Pregnant person (with skin color variants)
  • troll
  • coral
  • lotus
  • empty nest
  • live with eggs
  • beans
  • pour liquid
  • vessel
  • sliding
  • wheel
  • buoy ring
  • hiss
  • disco ball
  • low battery
  • crutch
  • X ray
  • bubbles
  • ID card
  • equals sign
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