What is the purpose of resetting a router and why do you do it

We can say that a router is an essential piece to be able to have the internet. It is necessary to connect and it is important that it is fully functional. When there is a problem, we can find ourselves with speed loss, interruptions, or even not being able to connect. Sometimes it fits Reset the router And to be able to fix some bugs. In this article we will talk about it, when it is appropriate and what exactly it means.

What is router reset

You should keep in mind that reset the router It’s not the same as restarting it. In both cases you can solve the problems that may occur, but they are different. Restarting it is simply turning it off and on again, which can be useful if, for example, a process has been detected.

Alternatively, it means router reset Return it to factory settings. This will completely remove your settings and any changes you made. For example, it will have the name that comes with the Wi-Fi network, and the password will be the default, as well as any configuration parameter.

To reset the router, you will usually see a file Back button. It is usually a small button that you have to pierce with a sharp object and hold it that way for a few seconds until the process is finished. This is because if it was a regular button, you might accidentally press it at any time.

Logically, once you reset it, you won’t be able to connect like you did before. That is, the network that you saved on your devices will no longer be available and the password will be different. This makes you have to reconfigure everything.

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when do you do that

Now, when should the router be reset? It is a process that will Remove all settings And that can be annoying, as you’ve seen. This should be taken into account when there is a problem with the router. For example, if you see that it is not working well, then you have tried everything but the Wi-Fi is not working or one of the bands is not working well.

It is also suitable if you have touched something from Adjust And you can’t put it back the way it was. For example, if you decide to install some alternative firmware and see that it did not go well and since then the router is not working as before, it is recommended to reset it to the default values ​​that came from a factory.

It can come in handy if you have hackers on the network. They may have configured some parameters to control who is using the network and you suspect that they are still in the router, you can always return them to the default values ​​thus avoiding the typical problems of Safety.

In short, as you can see, it is useful in certain circumstances to reset the router. When things are not going well, you can have it as an option. Now, you should realize that all the configuration will change and you will have to start from scratch. This also includes having to enter a password again, changing the network name, etc. The goal is to make it work well and also safe. different from Restart the router.

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