What does science say about the Star of Bethlehem?

Science, as he could study and reconstruct a potseems to have found an answer to the millennial myth about the birth of Jesus, which is a myth Pelin star And it will be Halley’s comet.

According to the director of the Center for Astrochemistry and Astrophysics at the Autonomous University of Chile, Natalia Inostroza, “It is a phenomenon from which many hypotheses have arisen, but the most widely accepted is that it was Halley’s comet.”

The so-called “Star of Bethlehem” would then be closer to a comet, because its description is related to a light phenomenon, According to the story in the Gospel of Matthew, it was a long journey, and only a comet with its tail and its gleam could do it.“, It is to explain.

the Halley’s comet count by one orbital From 74 and 79 years oldaveraging it He is almost 75 years old Enter Every step is close to the ground. to me estimates According to historical testimonies, Al-Hali was supposed to appear in the sky in the year 11 BC, with a margin of its magnitude five years From the actual date to the birth of Jesus.

We must bear in mind that although our time starts counting in year 0, the actual date of The birth of Jesus As a figure in history it has not been precisely identified by historians or theologians. and an approximate period between 6 a.m. c and 4a. c.

But given these doubts, scientists considered it It may be a simple clip from Halley’s comet that inspired the Catholic Church and other forms of Christianity to develop the legend of the Star of Bethlehem.

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Many theories have been analyzed through astronomical, historical as well as biblical precedents. One of them is It could have been a supernovaAnd the While others say it could be a planetary alignmentLike the one we saw at the beginning of the month. This would have happened six years before our era, between the Sun, Jupiter, Moon and Saturn, during the vernal equinox, which would negate the version that Jesus was born in winter for Europe. A similar alignment will happen in half a million years,” Inostroza comments.

Thus, scientists concluded that this phenomenon was treated Touring Halley’s comet The person who inspired Christianity to develop the legend of the Star of Bethlehem.

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