What comet approaches in 11 years and can be seen from Earth?

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From Earth you can make out its faint coma, the cloud of gas and dust surrounding the planet's core paper airplaneAnd even appreciate its tail, which consists of particles expelled by the solar wind.

What comet approaches in 11 years and can be seen from Earth?

although Comet 154P/Bryington It will not be an astronomical event visible to the naked eye, so with binoculars or a small telescope you will be able to watch the amazing passage of this space traveler as it crosses the night sky.

  • he Comet 154P/Bryingtonalso known as paper airplane Brewington was discovered in 1992 by amateur astronomer Howard J. Brewington
  • this paper airplane It completes one revolution around the sun every 11 years
  • This year will provide a unique opportunity to observe paper airplane It is at its most brilliant when it approaches the edge of the sun

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Comet Brewington: How and when to observe it from Earth

Watch the passage paper airplane 154P/Brewington will be a great opportunity for fans Astronomy To connect with the vastness of the universe and the history of our solar system.

  • he Comet 154P/Bryington It will reach its maximum brightness around June 11, 2024
  • It will be visible in the northern hemisphere during the early morning hours
  • To notice it, you must look for it in the Ursa Major constellation near the star Dobe.
  • Due to its dim brightness (it will reach magnitude 10) it is recommended to use binoculars or a small telescope for better viewing
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