Webinar 10/26: Mentoring as a Tool for Corporate Wellbeing – ORH

In its current context, It can lead us out of the pandemic, stress and occupational burnout A lack of focus, motivation, or even a lack of preparation for the best leadership, teamwork, proactivity, or creativity, with it all Negative impact on productivity and company results.

In this case, it has appeared The luxury As a prominent trend to improve talent managementPromote policies in companies to nurture and improve the well-being of their teams, promote positive mental and emotional states, and increase motivation, link and professional growth. And The routing The interior is one of the tools that contribute more and better to improving the well-being and performance of professionals.

They’ll talk to us about it in this webinar Mighty Valverde, global talent manager employment Santander Bank; Virginia Sanchez talent head from Pricomart; And Antonio Vega, CEO of jones.

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