We are looking for 140 Colombians who wish to do postdoctoral residency in the country

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Arturo Luna, has announced the opening of a call for Colombian professionals with a PhD and who want a postdoctoral stay in the country. Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Arthur MoonAnnounce an open call for development Postdoctoral residencies In the country, the aim of the strategy is to link Colombian doctors with the entities of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI).

$41 billion will be invested in the 140 title-winning professionals doctorAnd they apply their knowledge and support searches in the country, and each of the elect will receive 290 million. In this regard, Luna explained:

“Support will be provided to the doctor in the amount of 10 million pesos per month and up to 50 million pesos for the development of his proposal during the residency period. This funding will be implemented for a period of 12 to 24 months,” Minister Luna said.

wallet head Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation He invited those interested to apply to the call, but made it clear that these target areas of: bioeconomy, natural ecosystems, and sustainable lands; the right to food; efficient, sustainable and affordable energy; sovereignty health and social well-being; and Science for Peace and Citizenship, which are priority areas by the national government.

The Ministry’s commitments also aim to enhance the employment of physicians in the country, while meeting their needs Scientific projects that occur in the country.

The call will begin February 28th, and applications are possible through April 20th, 2023, and from Ministry It was explained that a differential approach would be applied in this, with regard to gender, ethnic group and population victims of armed conflict, as well as regionalism.

“We will change a little bit the way these residencies are awarded, we will give them a regional focus, so that those who come from the regions have the opportunity for their residencies in the region, women because the percentage of women doing postdoctoral residencies is relatively low compared to other countries,” Minister Luna stated.

The projects were prioritized based on the areas’ demands that were agreed upon in the local working groups.

During his informative speech Colombia todayAnd moon He explained that they are building new selection processes and mechanisms, so that human intervention is minimal, hoping that the processes will be more flexible, transparent and speedy.

Among the problems that Ministry Hope to solve it through Science and Technology There: poor technology in agriculture, the energy transition and health, especially in the production of vaccines.

Among the requirements for those wishing to contact:

  • Being a Colombian professional.
  • Hold a Ph.D., or obtain your soon-to-be certified.
  • Submit a proposal for research, technological development and/or innovation to be developed during the residency.
  • Get the updated Cvlac file
  • Provide the Proposal Approval Letter, signed by the physician and the legal representative of the entity with whom the residency will be performed.
  • Candidates who meet a specific requirement with a differential approach offer the certifications specified in the terms of reference for this call.

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