Video: Climbing balconies to save an 80-year-old woman from falling into void

Camilo Medina, At 24 years old, hailed as a “a hero” distance rescue For an 80-year-old woman Years left Caught on your porch railing. The event was going to happen at La Rioja, Spain, when An old woman with dementia He tried to get past the checkpoint of his second-floor apartment, so neighbors tried to act right before the firefighters delayed.

Medina said that after seeing the terrible scene, his father shouted, “He is falling, he is falling.” We went out and saw the panorama: Half body in, half body outSaid the young man who tried to calm the woman when he was with her. “People tell me I have a cold head, but the opposite is true. It was hot, I thought about the ladder we had in the store and up. I decided I had to go upstairs to put it inside the house. ” Nine, four, one.

This is how the young man revealed that He didn’t think about it for a second And I decided to work with Head “hot“Because she was not evaluated Risks This was about to happen. Neighbors put down a truck and opened a canopy hanging from a stall in the same building To reduce the impact of falling If that happened, but Medina considered that this was not enough and that a tragedy might occur before the rescuers arrived.

A young man helped an old woman not to fall from the balcony of her building

“I remember that My dad told me not to do that, I was crazy but I guess I turned off the volume of the brain Because of At that moment, I couldn’t hear anything anymore. Nothing is going through your head You are not thinking. Instinctively, you see anyone out there, and I personally would like it to happen to any member of the family, someone else would do the same. “

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in the video diffuse In social networks, you can see the young man climbing to the end where the old woman was, but then he decided to go to the other side and climb the fence that separates him from the same balcony where the old woman was.

“I realized that the woman was right above me and that if I tried to climb that area, I might get scaredSo I looked for another option. I was lucky to have a bar on the first floor, I suppose from an old canopyAnd this is how I managed to hold out, ”he explained his decision to go up the other end of the corridor.

The young man tried to climb in the same place as the woman, but immediately realized that the old woman could panicCapture the video

As revealed, his favorite hobby gave him the tools needed to advance the situation: “I have played judo for many years and I think that helped me yesterday; I know if I hold on to something I’m smart enough not to let go, “ explained.

Once he was safe with the woman, the young man who had recently graduated from the psychology department tried to calm her down until an ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital to check that she was in good health.


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