US Visa: When will interviews resume to process travel permit from Argentina

The US Consulate in Argentina will resume interviews next month. (Photo: Pixabay)

The US Consulate in Argentina has announced that, starting December 1, it will resume processing visas for those procedures that require interviews. In this way, visa application, review and delivery services to enter the United States are slowly moving towards regulation after being severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are very pleased to be able to resume visa processing for those who need to be interviewed, and now we can count on more suitable resources and conditions,” the Consul General said in a statement issued today. Mark Ellis.

We know that many Argentines have waited for this moment and in the coming months we will focus our efforts on addressing these issues. However, due to the high volume of demand, it will take a year, or perhaps more, to return to regularity in the waiting times.

It’s worth checking out During 2020, the total number of visas issued to Argentine citizens was 91,094, that’s by saying Less than half of all awardees in 2019 when a total of 222,043 . were processed. The sharp decline was due to the fact that in March of last year, when the epidemic spread, the US State Department suspended the granting of routine visas worldwide. From there, all the country’s embassies in the world maintained a reduced service for special cases.

Only in March of this year, the Consular Section in Argentina gradually and limited visa applications that did not require an interview, resumed. thus, Today’s announcement will allow all Argentines whose procedures were in progress, but who were unable to continue due to the need for a face-to-face meeting, to resume the process and be able to finalize their applications.

Miami is one of the favorite American destinations for Argentines to visit as well as settle down
Miami is one of the favorite American destinations for Argentines to visit as well as settle down

Today, with the Consulate working at a higher capacity, The possibility of arranging an appointment will increase and it will be easier to access the required document. Applicants with an ongoing process who need a face-to-face meeting to follow up can visit the official website ( using their username and password to inquire about new appointment availability or to submit a The appointment is already scheduled to an earlier date.

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The service is free and no person or company has a preference for getting or applying for appointments, so the Argentines should not be fooled by each other False ads that promise simplified services The United States Department of State, as, according to the consulate in the statement, it is fraudulent.

Argentines’ interest in obtaining visas to the United States has grown in recent years due to More and more citizens are considering immigrating to the country permanently. As explained to Infobae Jorge BartidasA Venezuelan who lives in Miami and works as a consultant for Latin Americans who want to settle down to live in the United States- There are more than 100 different types of visas to settle in this country. Two of the most popular visas for Argentina are the EB5 visa and the E2 visa, which allow permits to be obtained through investment.

Opening a franchise is one of the ways to obtain a residence visa in the United States
Opening a franchise is one of the ways to obtain a residence visa in the United States

“With 500 franchised businesses in the United States, in areas such as business services, health, beauty, gastronomy, maintenance, and finance, we manage more than 1,000 investment visas for Latin America,” Bartidas explained in connection with this medium.

Therefore, today’s announcement affects not only people who want to visit the United States, but also those who dream of moving there permanently. Sources from the consulate said through the statement: Routine visa services are back to normal after an atypical period in history.

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