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EB-3 visa sponsorship by fast food chains in United StateIt provides a unique opportunity for foreign workers seeking permanent residency in the country.

In response to labor shortages in some sectors, such as hospitality, some fast food chains have entered United State They offer care EB-3 visa For foreigners to join their teams this year. This movement has caught the attention of many, and has become an attractive opportunity for those seeking permanent residency in the North American country through work.

the Green card Provides foreign workers with the possibility to work and live legally and indefinitely in the United StatesAs well as providing the opportunity for their families to join them and their children to access public education. This method has gained popularity among foreigners due to its relative ease and benefits.

program The EB-3 visa allows immigrants From other countries to reach the United States with a Employment contract Previously established. However, to obtain this visa, it is necessary You have a job offer From an American company Willing to care For foreign workers, which facilitates the immigration process for those who deserve it.

According to the viral content creator in Tik TokCarlos Eduardo Espina Some of the fast food chains participating in this program include McDonald's, Subway, Taco Bell, among others.

These companies respond to the need to fill vacant positions and are willing to sponsor foreign workers so that they can join their teams as quickly as possible, making them an unbeatable offer for those who wish to travel and reside legally in the country.

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