Trump resigned from the American Screen Actors Guild, which had plotted to overthrow him

Former US President Donald Trump resigned today from his membership of the Screen Actors Syndicate, which planned to expel him on the grounds that he incited the attack on the Capitol building that happened last month, international newspapers reported.

“I am writing to you today about the so-called disciplinary hearing aimed at canceling my union membership,” Trump said in a letter to union president Gabriel Carrice, adding: “Who cares.”

“I no longer wish to be associated with your union,” the former White House chief said in the memo.

The organization responded to Trump with one word: “Thank you,” according to Sputnik.

In the speech, Trump accused the union of promoting “dangerous un-American policies and ideas” and also criticized CNN and MSNBC, with whom he had a falling out while ruling the United States.

“I also helped a lot with the cable news field, which was supposed to be a moribund platform with little time to live until I got involved in politics, creating thousands of jobs in networks like MSDNC (sic) and Fake News CNN, among many others,” he wrote.

The union has around 160,000 members, including film and television actors, radio personalities, Internet influencers and other entertainment participants.

Trump associated with hosting a reality show until shortly before he entered politics. (Telam)

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