Troll, yolo and de arugula: new terms for understanding youth

Streamer, trolling, and de arugula are some of the The words most used by the so-called Generation Z or ZillennialsAccording to a list prepared by a language app for this year 2021.

It is the name of Common terminology, “Basic To be updated This new year in terms of vocabulary, “they say from the app Chat.

Is that each generation represents a series of characteristics according to its time, and as it moved from “throwing needles” to “killing a thousand”, Expressions of the day It is even related to the world of video games.

Those between the ages of 15 and 25 today have A. Own vocabulary, With words derived from The world of social networking and video games And the Anglo-Saxon world in general, they explain from the application.

Many of the Phrases and words Who uses the Generation Z They are terms in English, abbreviated in most cases, translated and applied in some situations in everyday life.

For example, ‘Streamer’ – One of the most common terms – it has its origin in English “broadcast” or live or direct transmission. Therefore, a streaming device is a person who dedicates himself to directing on a web platform or social network and also in the field of video games.

“Be forbidden” This means that a user has blocked access to a specific service, be it a forum, website, video game, or A very common word in the gaming world.

Trolar It is a word so popular that the Spanish Royal Academy (RAE) had to incorporate it into Dictionary.

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