Top 5: Google revealed the best applications for Android systems for the year 2023

The American technology company highlighted these applications in different categories according to the needs and types of users. Artificial intelligence has taken over the style.

Google logo. Photo: Reuters.

Via the App Store”play store“, Google Spread this Saturday onTop five‘Affiliate The most outstanding applications of the year For smartphone users with operating system Android.

The differences were divided into: Different categorieswith applications that can be used to respond to various Needs and types of users. Below are details of each award-winning app.

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1- GPT chat

the artificial intelligence (Amnesty International) from OpenAI It has been most popular by Play Store users. The app provides access to revolutionary artificial intelligence that was previously only available through the browser. Now it is ChatGPT Allows the user to interact using voice commands.

ChatGPT.  Photo: Reuters.ChatGPT. Photo: Reuters.

Clorindo Testa.  Photo: archive.

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2- Fingerprint: Learn visually

The American technology company highlighted this as Best app of 2023. It seeks to revolutionize the way we… We learn about the world through two-minute lessons In different issues such as psychology, economics or technology.

GraphCast can measure temperature and ground potential at different pressure levels.  Photo: ECMWF.

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3- AI Personality: AI-powered chat

According to Google, the best application of artificial intelligence. AI Personality: AI-powered chat is Programming Which proposes to talk not with general artificial intelligence, but with Different artificial intelligences which is characterized by the presence of “Dignitaries“ID.

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Artificial intelligence and Google logo.  Photo: Reuters.Artificial intelligence and Google logo. Photo: Reuters.

Google.  Image: Unsplash

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4- Honkai: Star Rail

The application was distinguished by the technology company as Best game of 2023. This is a video gameSpace fantasy“With truly stunning graphics stacking up Many positive comments In the Play Store.

New X function, you can make video calls.  Image: Unsplash

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5- Spotify

The “top five” is closed by Music application This is thanks to its ability to work not only on mobile phones, but also on computers, tablets and even smart TVs. Its practical functions, such as possibility Control operation remotely or switch between different devicesthey consolidated it for last place.

Spotify was an early adopter of artificial intelligence.  Photo: Reuters.Spotify. Photo: Reuters.

Google will use artificial intelligence.  Image: not available

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Winners in other categories

families: Paw Patrol Academy.

Hidden gem:Science: Mindfulness and well-being.

For the better: A world to support ActNow.

For watches: WhatsApp Messenger.

For tabletsConcepts: design/observation/drawing.

For Chromebook: FlipaClip: Create 2D animation.

For Google TV: Max: Stream HBO, TV and movies.

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