Tips from the science of well-being so humans and pets can enjoy the holidays together

During the holidays you can spend more time with dogs and cats (Getty)

During the summer vacationPeople who are responsible for dogs and cats may have more free time to interact with them. But, moreover, it is a An opportunity to follow animal welfare science recommendations And also help them relax and have a good time.

In this sense, researchers say… Australia And New Zealand He gave some clues to look at animal welfare, in a new way condition Published in the magazine Frontiers in veterinary science.

“This condition is often assessed by looking at what they have and how they feel, through Five domain model“: nutrition, environment, health, and behavioral interactions (with people, their environment, and other animals) related to the final domain: their mental experiences.” University of MelbourneAustralia.

In this fourth area, the area of ​​behavioral interactions, new opportunities are presented to help animals during the holidays. They say it can give them more power in their lives, something science has determined can give them a better quality of life and more happiness.

Scientists from Australia and New Zealand suggest looking into the mental experiences of pets during holiday times/File

Depending on the pet's personality and preferences, they may be sociable and love to welcome new friends to the vacation spot. However, some really appreciate having a safe space to retreat to.

A room or area that visitors know is off-limits is a place where animals can feel safe. A place where they know that if they get enough pats, they can go rest and won't be bothered by any strange humans.

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Cats love a high box, and dogs often enjoy a secure area bed in a quieter part of your home. This allows them to control how close they feel to the sensory onslaught that a holiday can cause. It is important to remember that their sense of smell and hearing is much more sensitive than that of humans, which can also help in making good decisions.

It should be borne in mind that the sense of smell and hearing of pets is much more sensitive than that of humans

You may decide to use remote speakers in the backyard instead of playing music inside the house. You should be prepared if you will be spending the night outside or if you live near a fireworks display, which is usually organized at summer resorts.

It's important to note that not all of our favorite foods are safe for dogs and cats. For example, macadamia nuts and chocolate are toxic to dogs, so details from your local emergency veterinarian should be on hand.

In the face of high temperatures, consider keeping the animals comfortable, including in a swimming pool, placing some bedding near fans, and getting plenty of fresh water. Some dogs may enjoy visiting the beach or going to the river for a swim, but keep in mind that they do not always enjoy the activities of their owners.

For their well-being, it must be taken into account that some pets enjoy the beach on the sea or in the river. But not all (Anita Cote/Getty Images)

If you are accompanying animals on a hot day, make sure you are aware of the signs of heat stroke and pay attention to indicators that they are ready to return home and take action if necessary.

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Your dog may prefer to lick frozen foods at home. You can use an old yogurt container to freeze water with a little cereal overnight before a hot day. Upon delivery, the container is removed.

While driving, some pets like to stick their heads out the window to catch all the exciting smells. You have to make sure it is installed securely. On the other hand, other animals may spend all their time vomiting in the back seat.

Consideration should be given to hydrating pets during the day on leave/file

It is important that the pet is identifiable and that its contact information is visible. It is worth contacting your vet before traveling if there are any risks to your health in the area you are visiting.

Animals should never be left unattended in a vehicle, as heat stress can occur even in moderate climates.

Research in animal welfare science continues to advance understanding of animal happiness. By thinking about them, it's possible to make small adjustments this holiday season to help them have more freedom, choice, and control in their lives.

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