Three delta cases confirmed in Rosario

“We know that this variant is highly contagious. Vaccination will help us better prepare for the delta variant. Moreover, our teams continue to carry out epidemiological follow-ups not only for ordinary patients but also for travelers returning from abroad and are interested in any other strategy to avoid new infections,” stressed Silvia Marmeroli , Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Health, who also highlighted the importance of complying with all protocols to prevent the spread of the virus.

Residents are reminded that to avoid the introduction and spread of this new alternative, all travelers from abroad must arrive in the country with a PCR test performed 72 hours before the flight.

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Once in the country, they are tested again in Ezeiza, and in case of a negative result, they must comply with strict isolation (without contact with people who have not traveled) in their home or any other designated place within 7 days.

During this period, they will be monitored for symptoms and a new PCR test will be taken, to be able to complete isolation if negative.

“Although we do a comprehensive follow-up of patients, we continue to insist on care. We have a large proportion of the population vaccinated with the first dose and others with the second dose, which is very important because we see a decrease in the indications, the number of infections and hospitalizations as well as in the severity of patients” .

Although the vaccine applied may be contagious to the disease, the vaccine protects us from dangerous situations. This is why it is essential to maintain all care, mask use, distance, hand washing, and ventilation, among other things to avoid infection.”

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