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This was the attack launched by Russian forces that destroyed a television tower in one of the major cities in Ukraine

Russian forces They attacked TV infrastructure on Monday The city of Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine, causing an interruption in digital television broadcasts, according to the military administration of the region.

The head of the regional military administration, Oleg Senegubov, wrote on his Telegram account: “The occupiers attacked the television infrastructure in Kharkiv.”

The attack did not result in deaths or injuries, as infrastructure workers had sought shelter when the air alert was activated.

The attack caused a signal interruption. Photo Effy.

“at the moment There is an interruption in the digital TV signal“, explained Senegubov without providing further details.

Since the signal was cut off due to the attack, the Ukrainian official asked citizens to do so “Only trust information from official sources.”

Video clips circulating on social media show a projectile hitting a repeater, splitting into two parts before the upper part fell to the ground.

Dozens of Ukrainian satellite television channels stopped broadcasting last week after experiencing interference in their signals. Some of these channels were hacked and broadcast pro-Russian propaganda material until their owners were able to regain control.

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