This Scarlet Nexus Cosplay Guides will help you look like Kasane and Yuito

It may be some time before people have the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters at the events, however Bandai Namco She issued some documents to help people prepare for her Scarlet Nexus Disguise. PDF files that offer a detailed look at Cassan Randall And the Yueto Sumraji Available. Even so, with a little bit of tweaking, people can likely get them to work with any other repressive force members.

Each character’s guide provides comprehensive details about their costume. There are gradated colors for fabrics and cables, so you can match them right. You can see close looks at their weapons and accessories. Each one also offers a peek at the characters with the hoods up or down. In Kasane’s case, you can even see exactly what her headband knot should look like, in case you want to try to recreate that accent.

Between these two Scarlet Nexus Cosplay guides, persons will be covered as far as the main characters go. When people go through the story, they will choose their hero, see different things, and meet different people when they do.

Scarlet Nexus It will arrive on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC in fall 2021. More recently it has appeared in Game Awards 2020. GameStop pre-orders include a file Interactive poster.

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