This photo of Boris Johnson giving the Nazi salute is not real: it’s just a montage

Since September 10, a photo has been circulating Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is shown giving the Nazi salute. This could have happened during the Briton’s visit to Ukraine. but, This is an edited image. In the original photo, no one extended their arm, which was confirmed in a video clip of the moment.

The photo shows four people, three of them, including the former prime minister, with their right arm fully extended. Some users shared photo consultations “Why did he give the Nazi salute” while in Ukraine?. The photo is circulated on various platforms, accumulating thousands of views.

It is worth remembering that Last September 9 Johnson traveled to Ukraine to receive an honorary doctorate from the Ivan Franko National University. In addition, he visited a rehabilitation center and paid tribute to the memory of Ukrainian soldiers.

Boris Johnson did not give the Nazi salute during his visit to Ukraine

But the photo showing Boris Johnson giving the “Nazi” salute is not real. The widely shared image has a watermark in the bottom left corner, which says “smak_media.” This username corresponds to A Count in X, formerly Twitter. The profile description is written in Ukrainian and explains that they are posting satirical information.

The viral photo was posted on September 10 And in the comments they confirm this Edited using artificial intelligence. On the 12th, they responded to a post issued by Jim Ferguson, a former candidate for the English Parliament, in which he published the photo as real. At that opportunity They explained that the photo was “taken with Photoshop.”.

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It should be noted that, Party Day (09/09)They posted a similar photo with a quote that the Prime Minister did not say. Reverse lookup on google lens And Yandex No newspaper articles (local or international) were produced in which the viral image was used. Instead, it led us to this Different grades About Johnson’s visit, in which the photo published on the 9th was used.

To remove doubts about the authenticity of the photo, we reviewed the live broadcast of the ceremony. According to the video, The supposed greeting didn’t exist at all. You can check the sequence below:

thus, We consider it false that Boris Johnson gave the Nazi salute during his visit to Ukraine. A viral photo is a montage made from a real photo. Video footage of the ceremony also supports that this “greeting” did not occur.

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