This man lives homeless in Colombia, but owns different businesses in Canada

Why would a person who has everything choose to live like this? A person in a street situation? in Tik Tok Such a situation has become known. This is the case of Jordan, a 43-year-old man who lives in… Streets of Colombia.

The story was published by A com. tiktoker Which is intended for Providing support to people with limited resources.

Jordan He told his story to the creatorWho approached him on suspicion of being an alien due to his physical appearance.

The man partnered with Colombian creative Stylacho, who is originally from Toronto, Canada and has been arriving in Colombia since 2019. According to him, the original plan consisted of Stay for a year as a tourist.

However, Covid-19 pandemic It arrives. He was therefore forced to remain confined to his hotel room during the height of the crisis. quarantine.

From businessman to homeless person

As soon as the situation began to improve, the man began to do so Consume illegal substancesThat's why he ended up on the streets. But Jordan confirms that he has been living happily ever since “Live like a king” and “Life is cheap”.

Likewise, Jordan revealed this in Canada Owner of several companies. In view of his absence, his mother, an 85-year-old woman, takes care of them. As before He doesn't know how his daughter is.Who receives money from income.

@stylacho_7 He is a millionaire in his country and in Colombia and lives on the streets #stylacho ♬ original sound – stylcho

The man also admitted that he does not intend to return to his country. He said He feels “in family” with other homeless people. On the other hand, he hoped that his mother would not know his quality of life in Colombia.

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After learning about Jordan's story, some people on the social media network shared their opinion. Some even considered supporting him to return to his country. “Maybe his family is looking for him.“They said.

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