This is the day the sun will explode


The sun will explode, according to scientists, on this date

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the Scientists have made a harsh statement This makes your hair stand on end, as there is actually a specific date for the sun to explode. Life on Earth depends largely on what happens to the Sun, the star that provides us with the conditions necessary for existence.

Not only will humans, plants and animals that are part of this food chain that we all depend on, be completely broken by a sun that no longer exists. If the explosion does not destroy us, the subsequent hunger and cold will.

Scientists are making our hair stand on end with their new statement

The sun will explode. It is something science already knows with the certainty provided by their research, and it is something based on what they subsequently see. One way or another, there is a direct relationship between what they saw outside our planet, and what will happen on it.

Life in our system depends on the Sun. All the planets revolve around it and begin providing us with a series of essential elements as soon as the day begins that we may not have known. From the moment it rises first thing in the morning until it disappears over the horizon, there is a lot about this star that we don't know.

With only a few degrees of tilt on the axis, the Earth already experiences seasons with large thermal differences. It's hard to imagine what would happen if an explosion came out of the sun and completely changed everything. It will be necessary to be fully aware of the element that could be the one that makes the difference.

The sun, as we know, has a life expectancy, and time passes, and this affects not only humans, but also everything around us, causing more than one problem that arrives very quickly. This element, from whose rays the atmosphere protects us, is the subject of scientific study.

NASA has already set an approximate date when we will see this big star we rely on disappear. An end that will certainly be accompanied by an explosion, and may or may not coincide with the end of man. Our species may have already disappeared from the face of the Earth long ago.

This is the exact date on which the sun will explode

From specialized media outlets such as “The Independent” they state that: “According to researchers from the University of Warwick and NASA (the US Aeronautics and Space Administration, for its acronym in English), The sun will end its life cycle As we know it, triggering a chain of events that, according to experts, could have repercussions on other, closer planets.

Following the same explanation, nearby planets will bear the brunt: “The scientific explanation shows that at some point in history, the Sun will stop emitting heat through nuclear fusion and will expand to become a red giant. “This process will cause the star to devour Mercury and Venus.”

Before panic spreads, we should know that, according to their calculations: “Experts detail that the estimated age of the Sun will be 5,000 years from now, when the star has exhausted most of its hydrogen core. When the Sun is closer to a red giant with an unstable core and “extinguishes,” then humanity should be concerned – if it does not find other planets to live on. “Some events that could significantly reduce this time are increased sun brightness in the oceans and some human problems such as global warming.”

So, we only have a few thousand years left to live that moment. Something that might mean the end of the planet, but not the end of humanity. With the rate at which we are destroying the planet's resources, we will soon have to search for new horizons, in the hopes of finding a new place to live.

It is not an easy task, as with the sun that is supposed to explode, humanity must search for a new sun or a place with a star that is as similar as possible. But be careful with these circumstances, as it is likely that you will also meet a similar end.

Like Nietzsche's eternal return, he will worry again about the end of that sun or star, because, continuing his predictions, everything will end in the same way. It may be a younger star or one with similar properties or there may be a galaxy with multiple suns. The future is science fiction.

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