This is how the powerful explosion of a Starship missile was heard from a nearby city Video

Sputnik Mondo–video/

SpaceX’s Starship rocket prototype exploded while attempting to land in Boca Chica, Texas (USA). The sound of this explosion was so loud that it could be heard in a nearby city.

Hence, the Internet user, originally from South Padre Island, YouTube video, in which you can feel the force of the explosion when the unmanned spacecraft crashed SN9 During the landing, which occurred on February 2 after a test launch.

The recording author was in a store and suddenly he heard a deep roar. Then everyone, including him, left the building to see what was happening.

“A missile fired and I saw it as I was walking on the road. It started to fall, and I moved to the middle of the street to see him fall. It exploded and it felt like a small earthquake,” the man said.

The spaceship that exploded It is a completely reusable conveying system Designed to transport both crew and cargo to Earth’s orbit, the moon, Mars, and beyond.

In December, the test flight of this missile, too It ended with a bang. The prototype took off without problems, but during the descent and from a height of 10 km it crashed.

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