They will award scholarships to Jujuy students

Written by Maria Florence Eichart

This year, A.J settlement cycle Free for students Medicine Prepare and better access the path to entry into the exclusionary profession.

In this context, Provincial Health Minister Antonio Bolgobasic emphasized that the goal is to manage trained human resources and help those who suffer from economic problems and have the profession and the desire to develop.

Antonio Bolgobasic – Scholarships for Medical Students

How will the scholarships for medicine be implemented?

The settlement course will be offered again during 2023 for next year applicants as the course that was offered during January had very good results.

The Jujuy Minister of Health announced that the scholarships are programmed for those who enter the medical profession and meet certain requirements. “The most important is social and economic. The idea is to cooperate in some way so that the student can access a long and difficult career and can pay for his room and board.”

Regarding the amount, Bolgobasic announced that it would equal the vital and mobile minimum wage, which is currently around 65,000 pesos.

As for the number of scholarships to be offered, at the moment the number cannot be confirmed because medical degree applicants are still paying. Of the 130 students who took the first course they taught in January, some will stay and some won’t. The minister explained that the number of scholarships we offer will depend on this, as long as they meet the requirements.

New medicine courses

Regarding the new courses throughout the year, Sarah Salloum, a BA in Educational Sciences, explained in Opportunity to our moderator that “The Patterson Institute, which has already finished nursing, is dedicated exclusively to the permanent training of health professionals.”

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