They were preparing a sofa for sale and found a snake

A snake fell from a used sofa at Cunninghame Furniture Recycling, North Ayrshire, UK, when staff were preparing the furniture for sale.

The site is a site where non-profit recyclers save unwanted furniture and appliances from landfills or others that are donated and create jobs for people in the local community. However, they have never had to go through such an experience, according to British media outlet Daily Mail.

According to what was posted on the institution’s network, the snake had been inside the furniture for years. One of the workers said that “his soul left his body” when… The huge snake fell from inside.

“People keep these animals as pets, but the customer who donated the sofa to us confirmed that he bought it used and had never had snakes before. So it could be the previous owner, and the snake has been there all this time.” “The workers at the place said.

After the photos were posted on social media, people suggested that the dead snake was a ball python, a species native to West and Central Africa. Another added: “Unfortunately you would expect to find needles or things that could hurt them, but sure Don't wait for the snake to come out!A third stated: “It is always best to buy reused items from an approved reuse charity that has formal quality and hygiene standards and processes. But don't let this dissuade you from buying reused products as this is a very rare issue.”

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