They operated on a shoulder injury using Apple Vision Pro glasses, and this was the result with VR

Dr. Bruno P. Gobbato is an orthopedic and traumatologist specializing in shoulder and elbow surgery. (YouTube: ombroicotovelo)

Brazilian Dr. Bruno P. Gobato, an orthopedic and traumatologist who specializes in shoulder and elbow surgery, performed the surgery wearing Apple Vision Pro glasses.

It may seem like a somewhat futuristic and surreal scenario, but that's how it was. Gobbato took advantage of this device Apple mixed reality To view a 3D model of the shoulder in real timethe patient reports in the feedback application and of course the body on which you were performing the operation.

The surgical intervention was performed at Jaragua Hospital, a city located in southern Brazil. there, Specialist physician Bruno B. Gobbato performed surgery to resolve a shoulder tendon injury using arthroscopic and spectacle techniques Apple Vision Pro.

The doctor saw three screens simultaneously: the actual operation, the 3D shape of the shoulder, and the feedback application. (YouTube: ombroecotovelo / Photosynthesis: Infobae)

This method involves inserting a camera into the joint, allowing the required procedures to be performed without having to fully open the shoulder.

The camera is also connected to Apple Vision Pro software, giving the doctor the ability to monitor the procedure on a large screen with ultra-high resolution. The process was completed using the Notes application and 3D visualization of the shoulder scanner.

Dr. Gobato admitted that one of his biggest concerns was how the glasses' camera would process real images since there was not enough lighting in the operating room.

One of Dr. Gobato's interests was the behavior of glasses during surgery. (@PhoneRepairGuru)

However, this Apple device seemed to do the job as it allowed you to see the three points mentioned above: the 3D modeling of the shoulder, the Notes app, and the real shoulder.

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The same doctor has also used Microsoft HoloLens to perform surgeries using augmented realityPlus get virtual help from other doctors in the surgery room.

What Dr. Gobato did, while it may seem surreal to some, is not new. The application of Apple Vision Pro glasses in spinal surgery at Cromwell Hospital in London has also recently become known.

According to the Daily Mail, the technological progress was led by Sophie Verho, who works as a cleaning nurse. Verho used mixed reality glasses to provide assistance during surgery.

Vision Pro glasses have the ability to reproduce 3D models in real time. (Manzana)

Verho's skill in monitoring surgery in real time, selecting precise instruments, and safely preparing the procedure has greatly increased accuracy and reduced human error.

Surgeon Syed Aftab, Verho's assistant in the spine operation, described the technology as equivalent to having a highly experienced assistant, highlighting the smoothness and effectiveness of their first collaboration.

Aftab compared the experience to having a “superpower” in the operating room.Which confirms the great impact of this technology in the surgical environment.

One of the most notable functions of Apple Glasses is that they allow you to view multiple screens at the same time. (Manzana)

Mixed reality in medicine offers various applications, transforming medical education, patient care and assistance: from diagnosis, interventions, treatment to recovery.

It allows professionals to simulate complex surgical procedures, providing a safe platform to practice without risks.

In treatment and diagnosis, it facilitates accurate 3D visualization of organs and supports critical decisions with greater information. It also improves telemedicine, connecting patients with specialists through virtual environments, making consultations more interactive.

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In addition, it can be a key tool in rehabilitation, providing controlled and personalized environments for therapeutic exercises, improving the effectiveness of treatment.

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