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It was during the visit of the Minister of Infrastructure and Public Services of Buenos Aires, Augustin Simon.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Public Services of the Province of Buenos Aires, Agustin Simone, visited Avellaneda where he, together with the Minister for Regional Development and Habitat of the Nation, Jorge Ferrari, Mayor Alejo Chornobrov and the President of the Council of Ministers, Magdalena Sierra, inaugurated the new offices of the Municipal Sports Secretariat and the general restructuring of the Municipal Institute of Medicine The athlete in Parque Domenico.

This restructuring included the construction of a rehabilitation gymnasium and new offices.

During the opening ceremony, Simon stressed that “Avelaneda is an example of municipal administration” while Ferrari said that “definitions of the future are at risk”. He stressed that “what we have done is a ground for starting.”

For your part, Sierra, The first candidate for the position of advisor to the Todos FrontHe highlighted the joint work between the various regions of the municipality, and valued the importance of the social observatory for public policies in clarifying the regions. “We are developing strategies to be close to neighbours,” he continued, adding, “To continue working, we will live better.”

“It is a dream to rebuild the building,” said Institute director Ricardo Carrera, stressing the importance of sports medicine for athletes and for those just starting out. He also pointed out: “I have no doubt that this place will be the best in the country, given the quality of infrastructure and personnel.”

In her speech, the Municipal Health Secretary, Virginia Algarnaz, identified the venue as an “avant-garde place,” and highlighted the multidisciplinary team working there.

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Then, officials toured Natatorio Avellaneda Olímpica (NAO), the Gatica Municipal Sports Center and Domínico Alto Redamientos (DAR) which has an athletics track, hockey and soccer fields, and a shot cage, hammer and puck, among others. specialties.

Chairman of the Consultative Council Hugo Bareco; Head of Health District Six, Luis Barilla; Sports Minister, Sebastian Vidal; The Minister of Public Works, Gaston Celan, and the Minister of Production, Trade and the Environment, Lucas Jimenez.

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