They have found a mysterious stone disk that could be the first star chart created by humanity

This rock could hide an ancient celestial body that would have disappeared in our time.

AI-generated image of a stone disc with a very special carving

Humans are naturally curious and have spent centuries trying to decipher the keys to our reality. We are able to access planets and celestial bodies in the solar system, and marvel at some types of stars in the universe, such as powerful kilonovas. However, now it seems we have found it The oldest star map in history.

The stone disc that looked at the stars

Paolo Molaro and Federico Bernardini were able to verify how this is done Two stone tablets Found near Rubinbekulu Castlelocated in Italy, could be Oldest star map It has not been found by humans.

We're talking about Tablets Which is about 50 cm in diameter and 30 cm in depth. he Firstly It has hardly been modified, so it is believed that it could represent sunand at the same time it is second If you have Various sculptures In their materials, which are identified.

Astronomer Paolo Molaroone of my authors A study published in the scientific journal Astronomische NachrichtenHe says it was He has been contacted Two years ago by an archaeologist Federico Bernardini Related to Discovery of the constellation Scorpio in to forbid It is found in the Friuli region of Venice.

And this was just the beginning Later discoveries In the aforementioned rock, where they were also identified Orionthe chandelier actually Cassiopeia. That is, of all the dots on the stone, only one remained unexplained.

the points They are found on both sides of the rock and appear to be Carved by the same person, given the direction of the cracks. It appears that it was through the use of a Hammer And a chisel Metal, and a similar tool was found near this area, where symbols were engraved on the aforementioned disk. but, What happens with code number 29?

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This does not seem to be the fault of the one who made the aforementioned stone, but rather it could be consistent with the so-called “Supernova failed”. Then we'll face one of these Transient celestial bodiesWhich is only visible for a certain period of time and then disappears from the sky. it seems that Discs come Of the time that can be put between 1800 BC. And 400 BCIt thus outlives the legendary Hipparchus catalogue, which dates back to 135 BC.

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