They asked her if she was “depressed” because of the job she was doing in the US, and her answer beat everyone else.

the empty A 24-year-old American girl has gone viral for the original She replied to someone who criticized her for working at Taco Bell. She is dedicated to sharing some aspects of her private life on TikTok for fun, but the user thought it was right to attack her and belittle her work at this fast food store. He told her he was old to work thereBut the girl did not shut up and her expressions charmed everyone.

In a one-minute video, Tara shared the opinion that someone left her: “Are you depressed because you are 24 and still working at Taco Bell? Because what are you doing with your life? I will get depressed too.” After the harsh message, she was ready to respond in a more diplomatic, yet forceful manner, leaving the aggressor speechless.

Without an expression of alarm and instead with a note of sarcasm, the young woman (Tweet embed) Explain that there is no ideal age to work anywhere: “Where am I supposed to work at twenty-four? Is there a specific job that 24-year-olds go to? Because I’ve never heard of it before,” he stated with an indifferent expression.

They criticized her for working at Taco Bell and her response was strong

In addition to making it clear that he doesn’t mind criticism, he is too He wanted to emphasize education for all his followers by prioritizing happiness before place. She explained that even though she was only at Taco Bell for a week, she loved her stay because she didn’t have “a lot to do,” the hours were nice, and her co-workers were “cool.”

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And those last sentences were only taken up by some of the users, whom Tara spoke to in the comments section. one of them Tell him that criticism is part of life: “I am being judged for not working, you are being judged for working. I think that either way we will be judged”, to which the tiktoker replied: “People will find anything to bring others down. You do your best and so am I”

People loved the message of the American leftbecause he also didn’t allow his career to be reduced to some other profession or office job: “It’s funny because I’m 23 and have a desk job that I hate. My favorite job was when I was 15 working at Taco Bell (…)”, as One user told him.

Tiktoker said she loved her job at Taco Bell and that she was happy thereunplash

After he answered patiently and with a calm viewpoint, Tara received encouragement from various people who told her that she should not be ashamed of any jobBecause whatever job he was giving her to pay the bills was worth it.

Don’t listen to them. A job is a job. If you’re happy there, that’s all that matters. After all, we’re all the same in this world,” “Being 30 and not having a job is great, just ask me,” “I promise, people who spread hate like that are worse off living than you are,” they told him in the comments section. You keep moving forward.”


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