They arrested and accused a white policeman of killing an unarmed black man – Telam

CNN reported that a white policeman is appearing before the US Court of Justice, after being arrested and accused of shooting an unarmed black man in Ohio.

Authorities said last night, former agent Adam Coy, 47, was arrested and charged with the premeditated murder for the shooting and killing of Andre Hill on December 22 in Columbus.

Announcing the charges, State Attorney Dave Yost said, “The same rules apply to everyone.”

“The truth is justice’s best friend, and the grand jury has found the truth,” Yost said, adding, “Andre Hill should not die.”

Hill’s assassination sparked a new wave of protests against police brutality and racism in the country around the middle of Christmas, and Coy was fired from the local police accordingly.

The former officer was scheduled to appear in court today, and according to his lawyer, he will declare “not guilty” and request “reasonable bail at trial.”

Coy and another officer were responding to a non-emergency call about a suspicious vehicle when they encountered Hill emerging from the garage of a friend he was visiting.

Footage from the mobile camera shows Officer Hale walking toward the officers with his left hand a cell phone, his other hand remaining invisible. Seconds later, Coy fired his rifle and the civilian collapsed. No voice was released to explain the circumstances of the attack.

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Policemen waited several minutes before approaching the still-alive victim, who died shortly thereafter.

Hill’s death came just weeks after Columbus killed another unarmed black man, Casey Goodson Jr., 23, who was shot and killed by a vice mayor on his way home after buying sandwiches.

Protests calling for racial justice and against police brutality spread across the United States in May after the death of George Floyd, an African-American murdered in Minnesota by a white police officer, who will be tried on March 8th.

Floyd is also unarmed, suffocating under the knee of Agent Derek Chauvin. Terrified bystanders filmed his death, and the footage quickly spread.

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