These are Netflix Originals’ greatest successes

Netflix is ​​one of the Broadcast platforms And the strongest company in recent years so it’s not surprising that it has a large chain Original hits. Which are viewed and admired by many users.

Best Netflix Originals

Lady’s gambit

Maneuvering mrs It’s the mini-series par excellence for the year 2020. It has seven seasons, and in each of them they manage to fall in love. So it is not surprising that this series, like many others, became one of a series Best Netflix Originals. It’s a story about addiction and depression, Beth Harmon, a magnetic heroine. The series stands out in areas such as production design and interpretations, particularly those of its protagonist.


Ozark The series was released in 2017 and that day 30 chapters. A series that during its premiere was not a huge success. At that time she was equally likable and ignored. The series after these years ended up showing that it is much more than a contrast with a blue filter Too bad. The second season surpassed the first and in the third reached its stupor.


Mindhunter It was a series written by David Fincher that consisted of two seasons and 19 episodes. Who is not yet known if he will get a third. Seven director produces and directs some episodes, so his style often defines the series. The story focuses on discovering where Obsession With real crime under the development of psychic features serial killer.

This is how they see us

This is how they see us It is a four-episode mini-series directed by the director of Salma, the film that focuses on dealing with the life of Martin Luther King. It is a story that shows reality Central Park Five. The name given to black and Latino teens who were tampered with by the NYPD and subsequently convicted of a violation they did not commit. Story focusing on aspects such as Police brutality, racism, or the US justice system.

Luis Casado

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