The woman who said don’t play the victim is having a nightmare

Elizabeth Ojaz lives in La Calera, Chile, and rose to fame in 2019 when she released the video in a TV interview. Phrase: Don’t play the victim. The Women He was referring to Maria Ines Vacos, then the wife of Sergio Gado, a Chilean football official who was sued for corruption in the “FIFA Portal” scandal. Ojaz revealed that he is still suffering Memes And the insults you receive from people when they find them on the street.

The popular expression “don’t play the victim” has spread widely on social networks. It was like, all of a sudden, the Chilean became one of the people with the most memes in the world. For three years, his phrase became part of people’s conversations.

From that moment on, she was attacked by people who recognized her on the street and addressed her with aggressive comments, asked for pictures, and even attacked her. “I feel bad that we can’t even go outside, yesterday we went shopping in the supermarket and people looked at us and laughed, they bothered us and shouted things, they even asked us for pictures, my daughter had to go and the woman hung up in a conversation with her Chile TV.

On the other hand, Ojaz said, “The things they say hurt me. My diabetes got worse, and my self-esteem went down, so it hurts because I don’t hurt anyone.” In addition, she commented that her husband also received aggression from people: “I have to accompany her, my wife burst into tears several times because of this situation.”

The woman stated that she does not find the harassment towards her funny: “It’s not funny to me. I have a problem with my teeth and I miss a lot of words,” and concluded: “I feel bad because I can barely get out of school. Street.”

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