The video in which Bolsonaro asked about the cost of appointing a judge to the court | Without realizing it was on the air

Without realizing that he was living on social networks, the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro backtracked on corruption in the selection process for court judges It was proposed by the head of state himself, which must be approved by the Senate.

During the period of his interview with the new news channel of the far-right radio station Jovem Pan, Bolsonaro spoke with his advisers about corruption and asked if there was anything. He knew the value of appointing a judge to the Federal Supreme Court.

“Attention: How much do you think a position on the Supreme Court is worth…?” , said the president, and paused when he realized his own social networks were broadcasting it live.

President A . suffers Siege of the Senate to approve the appointment of former Minister of Justice Andrei Mendonca, Presbyterian priest, one of the flags of his administration.

After realizing he was being photographed, Bolsonaro changed the subject but previously also referred to the higher prices negotiated in tenders.

he asked, and began to change the subject to assert that if Fernando Haddad, of the Workers’ Party (PT), wins elections in 2018, the country will currently be on hold against the pandemic.

shoes with green bills

Among the comments made privately, Bolsonaro also referred to this type of corruption is to ask someone for a pair of shoes and instead of shoes “show green bills”, Although he did not say whether he knew him currently or in his 28 years as a deputy.

These statements were made during the interview period with the new cable TV channel Jovem Pan, a subsidiary of the famous Radio São Paulo that adheres to the most extreme Bolsonaro.

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One of the Jovem Pan table members is a former far-right Bolsonarista, the humorist and imitator Andre Marinho, son of Pole Paulo Marinho, who in 2018 gave up his palace as Bolsonaro’s campaign headquarters. Then the ties were severed.

The comedian asked him about the public money transfers being investigated with Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, the president’s eldest son. “Marinho, I am the president and I respond to my actions,” said Bolsonaro, who rose angrily from the table and left the interview, which was being broadcast by default.

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