The Vice President receives the personnel and equipment that arrived from Canada to rescue the miners

Today, Sunday, the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, received the trained personnel sent by the Canadian federal government, who arrived with the teams to rescue miners trapped for a week in the underground mine of the Dominican Mining Company (Cormidum). In Cerro de Maimon.

“A few days ago, from the Dominican government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our embassy in Ottawa, we requested the cooperation of the Canadian government, given the vast experience of this country in the mining sector and the bonds of friendship and cooperation that unite with our peoples. Immediately, the Government of Canada responded positively to our call, by mobilizing resources ‘ said Peña.

The vice president explained that President Luis Abenader, who is returning to the country tonight from Colombia where he participated in the inauguration of President Gustavo Petro, has been constantly monitoring the situation and coordinating the arrival of teams that are expected to facilitate the extraction of miners. .

The Vice President, who was accompanied by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte, thanked the Government of Canada and its Embassy in the Dominican Republic, in the person of Consul and First Secretary Maxime Belmara; Team Cormidum, Vice President Elizabeth Mina; And the Dominican diplomatic team from the State Department and the embassy in Ottawa to support and coordinate the arrival of the teams.

Almonti pointed out that the machines that arrived in the country are able to dig a tunnel of 2 meters per hour, “which means that we have less than twenty meters to reach and extract the miners, we can achieve the goal in a very short time.”

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President Luis Abenader, with Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez and Ambassador to Canada Michele Cohen, made a request for assistance so that the miners could be rescued safely and as quickly as possible.

A Boeing C-17 Globemaster arrived at Dr. Francisco Peña Gómez International Airport in the Americas at 9:28 p.m. with more than 52,000 pounds of equipment, spread out in the 6200 Copex Drill, weighing more than 25,000 pounds with mast. , the R-110 Cubex Booster, 8,500 pounds of reinforcements plus tool boxes, rod racks, adapters, and miscellaneous materials make up the rest of the equipment that will be used in the rescue.

The equipment to be used in the rescue was provided in a gesture of solidarity of a humanitarian nature by Machines Roger International, a mining company incorporated in Val d’Or, Canada. Canadian Foreign Minister Mylene Jolie has been at the forefront of cooperation to achieve the goal in a short time.

Assistance is being provided to the Dominican Republic from Canada to rescue miners Gregory Alexander Mendes Torres and Carlos Ypez Ospina, in coordination with the Departments of Foreign Affairs and Defense, the Canadian Armed Forces and their counterparts in the Dominican Republic.

CORMIDOM, which operates or operates an underground mineral mine in Cerro Maimon in the Province of Monsignor Noel, is a Dominican company with Chinese and Australian capital and shareholders.

Ambassador Cohen has been in direct contact with Lieutenant-General Carlos Luciano Díaz Morva, Minister of Defense, Antonio Almonte Reynoso, Minister of Energy and Mines; Miguel de Peña, Executive Branch Mining Adviser, Christine Laberge, Canadian Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, and Elizabeth Mina, Vice President of CORMIDOM.

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They were accompanied by Vice President Amilcar Muñoz Noboa, Commander in Chief of the Air Force of the Dominican Republic, Amilcar Muñoz Noboa; Michelle Cohen, Dominican Ambassador to Canada. Juan Esposito, Director of Relations with Canada at Merckx, Rolando Muñoz, Director General of Mining and Gatzel Roman, Deputy Minister for Consular Affairs and Immigration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Also Elizabeth Mina, Vice President of CORMIDOM, Liani Vazquez, Director of Immigration Control, Angel Encarnacion, Deputy Director General of Customs, Dionisio de la Rosa Hernandez, Deputy Director General of CISAC, Vinácio Alcantara, Director of Immigration and Major Carlos Vibrilette Rodriguez, Director General of CISAC

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