The US and the possibility of banning TikTok: What arguments do you have on the table against the app? – international

TikTok has become the leading social network in recent months. Last February, the US Department I ordered the removal of TikTok from all official devicesWhich led the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to point out that the United States is misusing concept of national security And his special powers to punish foreign companies.

Then, on March 2, the White House warned all Americans about it The app could pose a national security risk. The social network, which is owned by China and according to US authorities, can collect data from all citizens.

A series of warnings began to circulate around the world. France, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark or Estonia It is forbidden to use it in government cell phones. for his part, UK Information Commissioner’s Office and Portuguese Consumers’ Association Omnibus TikTok has been fined for a series of breaches of data protection law and harm to minors.

These decisions prompted China to move China and accuse the United States of carrying out “xenophobic political persecution”. Now, what’s the bottom of it? Why does the US obviously have the possibility of banning the app on the table?

American reasons for banning the use of TikTok in the country

While it is true that the state has already banned officials from installing the app on government cell phones, they can now move forward and the possibility of doing so is being considered across the country. First, there are critics and detractors who accuse TikTok of collecting massive amounts of user data. In reality, In the summer of 2022, researchers from an Australian company published a study in which they found that TikTok It was done with such details location For a specific user, the The device from which it was usedOr the app and what others Applications have been used on this mobile phone.

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Moving on, we can get to the second reason, and perhaps the most important of all: It is believed that TikTok could be used to spy on its users by the Chinese government. To understand this, it is necessary to stress that the application is owned by ByteDance, a technology company whose headquarters are located in Beijing and not in the United States.

In this sense, for example, we can put on the table the cases of other networks such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube which, although they collect user data, the founding companies are located in the United States itself. from TikTok, however, It confirms that Chinese employees do not have access to the data To all users of the social network who do not belong to the said country.

Finally, the FBI also plays a role. At the end of 2022, the group manager confirmed that the Chinese government can and can use the video recommendation algorithm “Used to influence people.” something like that “brainwashing”. In China, for example, all videos critical of the government have been deleted or someone has come to accuse the social network of censorship.

Whatever the case, these are just some of the arguments that the United States is bringing to the table. At the moment we remember that TikTok is not banned and see what was seen, It looks like this debate will continue, at least, for a while.

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