The United States asked Mexico to review a labor complaint at the Panasonic plant in Reynosa

The The Ministry of Economy reported that The United States formally asked Mexico to conduct a review Regarding one Labor complaint Because of the alleged denial of the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining in the factory PanasonicAutomotive Systems of Mexico, located in RinosaAnd Tamaulipas.

The above in context Rapid response mechanism of action in specific facilities Mexico – United States From Appendix 31-A of T-MEC.

according to ReutersThe request comes after a Mexican federation requested from Washington in April Check out the Panasonic factory in Reynosaalleging violations of the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC).

US Trade Representative Catherine Taye said in a letter to Economy Minister Tatiana Clouther that her office is concerned about this Workers will be deprived of the rights to free organization and collective bargaining At Panasonic for Mexican Auto Systems.

The Mexican union that requested the investigation accused Panasonic of signing a union contract behind the workers’ backs and firing dozens of employees who protested.

In a statement, the agency specified that it would review this request and hold relevant consultations with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Likewise, he stated that, at the appropriate procedural moment, he would respond to the United States Government in accordance with the provisions laid down in the treaty itself.

The Special Envoy noted that the Government of Mexico reiterates its commitment to the effective implementation of the provisions set forth in the T-MEC and in national legislation, thus ensuring Transparency and certainty for Mexican workers.

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This is the 3rd US Labor Complaint Under a new trade agreement that seeks to improve working conditions in Mexico.


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