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The United Kingdom prevents the Russian ambassador in London from entering Parliament

The highest authorities of the British Parliament “until further notice” have banned entry to the Palace of Westminster for the Russian ambassador in London, Andrei Killin, and the rest of the Russian diplomatic staff in the British Isles.

This came in a joint statement by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, and his counterpart in the House of Lords, Lord John Macphale, according to the British newspaper, “The Guardian”.

This ban is based on the fact that Klein and the rest of the members of the Russian delegate in London have been operating unofficially in the United Kingdom since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began about four months ago, although it is now the first time this has been confirmed in writing.

Relaying the Speakers of both Houses of Parliament “As an official authorized representative of the Russian Government, the Ambassador will not be welcomed into Parliament territory until further notice.”

Finally, the memo reminds British parliamentarians who were recently sanctioned by Moscow that London will not issue them visas to enter Russia, and if they reach the border, they will be immediately deported.

Similarly, the parliament urged its members not to travel to areas under Russian “control or influence”, such as Belarus, the border region between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the breakaway region of Transnistria or the Donbas region, eastern Ukraine.

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