The unexpected response of a construction worker when he was discriminated against for not having a university degree

The unexpected response from a construction worker when he was reprimanded for not studying. (Video: Instagram/@corremoslavoz)

a A builder Who shows the daily work of his work on social networks, was Unexpected response When the user Accused of not studying Have a university degree.

The video was broadcast on Instagram By the account @corramoslavoz, who participated Tik Tok A young man who devoted himself to construction. It quickly went viral and received hundreds of comments.

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“This is why you have to study,” the young woman wrote, referring to the negative questions her employer asks about her job.

He answered immediately: “I know I should have studied, I know. But if I am studying, and all my classmates are studyingWho are the ones who build the bridges, the buildings, or the house you live in?“.

The young man defended himself against the criticism, and his response went viral. (Photo: Instagram/@corremoslavoz)

He added: “Whoever studies a trade will not start building, right?” At the end of the section, he concluded: “Yes, I should have studied, but that's life.”

This post quickly became popular diffuse On the social media network, it collected more than 189 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments on the Internet in support of the man, while there were also those who did not completely agree with her.

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“All jobs are important,” one young man commented. “It seems to me that building and construction are honest, hard, and very necessary jobs,” one woman said. “I find nothing wrong with your logic,” another user said.

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