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After imprisonment he appeared on the show Yarla Bardot In which he left a speech about the rapidly spreading pandemic, but has nothing to do with the impact of his recent TV appearance this week. Came off in the challenge, Which is a show format in which famous faces of all kinds participate, but Jorge Sanz is announced Come dinner with me gourmet edition-Share a table with characters such as the last wife of bullfighter Jose Ortega Cano or a contestant The survivors Jose Antonio Aviles was not surprising. Doubts have been dispelled about what could lead to an actor winning Joya and being nominated for five others to participate in a program with show business collaborators last Wednesday. Sanz, 51, owes money to friends like Santiago Segura or Antonio Ricens. “They’ve been supporting me for two years,” he confessed to his diverse patrons who sat at his table. A decade after the movie premiered What happened to Jorge Sanz?, The series in which he played an actor at low hours with serious financial problems and which mixed imagination with reality, the protagonist has shed more light on what has happened since the best film directors stopped pulling him from the Spanish.

While hosting a “surreal” Mediaset dinner, he said, Sanz cited some of the reasons that led him to enter into debt with “great friends” such as Antonio Ricens. The translator assured that the error was not a crazy rhythm of life. He said, “It wasn’t my downfall to go out every night for two decades, I just noticed it physically.” Explaining what he lives today came the revelation, which added that unemployment also charges after many years of contributions. He revealed that he has two projects in progress other than a new movie. “I’ve worked for 40 years, I don’t have much needs. I have made my house to my liking and it is being paid for.” This is not the first time that their financial hardship has been discussed. He has always been famous for being crazy, with many girlfriends and party nights behind him. In fact, he mentioned it already in 1991, after filming Lovers, One of his most famous films, he’s out of money. He took advantage of the film’s US premiere to make a living there: “I walked into a hostel and earned a bed and meal for the day I had to scrape the crust from the shower.”

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The fact is that in recent years he settled his opinion at all levels, although this was not enough to completely clean up his finances. This change began when he moved to Torrelodones, in the suburbs of Madrid, in 1998. It coincided with the birth of his son Merlin, and Jorge Sanz chose the countryside to start his new life. A kind of retirement coincided with a few years of sluggishness in his film career. Despite the difficulties, he stresses that he owes nothing to any bank, even though he signed a mortgage on his house in the summer of 2018. “I live there with my children, my goose, my chickens and my pastoral family. His love for Torrelodones led him to get involved in politics in the 2015 elections, as he signed a statement asking to vote for Now Madrid in the municipality.

He left the action in downtown DC shortly after meeting Paloma Gomez, with whom he starred Valentina In 1982, they are both children. A quarter of a century later, he saw her again in the series and began a love story with which Merlin was born. Sanz split shortly before that with Yael Barnatan, daughter of Elena Pinaruc, one of the actor’s few known romances. In 2006 he split with Gomez when his son Merlin was 3 years old. Amicable detachment of Merlin, diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Paloma Gomez passed away just two years ago, and this was another big hit for the actor and his son.

It wasn’t all bad news. Georgy met Marta, his eldest daughter who is now 30, when she was 18 years old, and they were able to build a good relationship. Then there is the six-year-old Lope, who has been with his current wife, Aurelie Domingues, who has been with her since 2016. They met while she was working for the Sanz cast. Dominguez is a Portuguese company owner Catering at home. As for the actor’s acting company, they have been inactive for years after giving several loss exercises.

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Despite the setbacks, Jorge Sanz has a 19-year-old boy who he considers another member of the family. Its economy, while battered, does not appear to be in critical condition. He has several properties in Madrid that he shares with his three brothers, and this week he said that it was thanks to Pedro Almodovar that he paid for the retirement costs that his parents dreamed of. Sanz was fired from the movie Aspen meat. The director from La Mancha replaced him for Liberto Rabal, but paid for the entire film. “With this film, I bought my parents a house in the Aran Valley, where they wanted to retire,” he explained.

On top of that, Sanz never stops doing things. Collaborate with a biker brand Shoe design For men, he always finds a role in series or movies with good friends like David Trueba. And as if that weren’t enough, today he has found yet another possibility in the lucrative, albeit questionable world of entertainment software, either to pay off his debts with Resines and Segura or for whatever other need.

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