The Simpsons “anticipated” Kamala Harris at the White House

one more time, The Simpsons They’ve conquered the networks, but not with memes but with a new prediction, the kind that people don’t believe they’re getting well upfront.

On this occasion and after taking over Joe Biden As President of the United States, they focused on his deputy, Kamala HarrisBy chance – or causation – She swore at the office looking very similar to Lisa Simpson When he will hold the highest office in the White House in the future.

2000 episode entitled “Bart to the Future”. (Or Bart to the Future) tells us what the Springfield family’s life is like Lisa became president of the United States. The costumes are very similar to the one that Kamala wore, with a pearl necklace and earrings, along with a suit, although different in color.

Darth_tsunami wrote, “Kamala Harris is really Lisa Simpson and I’m in full swing,” while Butterflumem0ry stated that Vice “mentioned by Lisa Simpson … almost the same outfit.”

Coincidences don’t stop there. As they sit in the Oval Room, Lisa expected it They inherited the budget deficit from President Trump. ” This means that they were not satisfied with the advancement of Kamala in the White House (despite his arrival as a deputy and not as president), but they also expected that he would succeed the Republican. Donald Trump.

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In the episode, President Lisa confirmed the financial problems and her Secretary of State Milhouse added information: “We are bankrupt.” Another aide commented, saying that they owe it to all countries of the world.

“Yeah, Everything that will happen has already happened at The Simpsons. But it hits you in the nose completely, ”Phil Hagen wrote.

The Future Chapter was released on March 19, 2000, and was the final chapter of the eleventh season of the series. The amazing thing is that they were 16 years before the Trump presidency and nearly 20 years before the inauguration of a woman in the White House.

That’s all? No: The Simpsons They also expected Tom Hanks at the President’s inauguration. In the animated series scene, the actor explained, “The United States government has discredited it, which is why it is borrowing so little of my credibility.” The protagonist, Forrest Gump and Philadelphia, participated in the inauguration of Biden.

With Tom Hanks hosting the prime-time premiere, it’s time to remind everyone about it The Simpsons Justin Saint Ong made it clear that they “are never wrong”.

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