The Science: Why do we have tics?

We all had to talk to someone who has tics So obvious, it can be a strange experience.

But, sometimes without even realizing it, we ourselves have it tics What we do in certain circumstances.

Why do tics arise? Can it be controlled? Here we explain everything about the topic.

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What are tics?

The tics These are the involuntary movements or sounds that we make repeatedly and without control.

In most people they are eyelid movements, but they may be movements of the hands, arms, legs, neck, or sounds of different types.

Almost everyone has tic The nervousness that appears in moments of stress, and in general ceases to exist when we are calm.

That is, it is not dangerous or unpleasant, and there are several reasons for its occurrence.

Why do they appear?

As mentioned before, the main reason for tic It is to be in a difficult situation.

This type of tics It is most common in children between the ages of 6 and 10, although it can affect adults as well.

In adults, it can also be associated with mild OCD, or simply fatigue caused by lack of sleep.

It also arises for neurological reasons, that is, stress causes it to be released dopaminewhich may contribute to the emergence of tics.

Finally, they are also associated with the intake of stimulants (such as caffeine, nicotine, or other types of medication).

Can tics be treated?

The tics Those that occur in childhood are usually “healed” in adolescence.

As mentioned, they occur due to stressful situations, and people usually manage to manage stress with maturity.

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if it was tics Mild, it is best to find a way to calm down, paying as little attention as possible to tic until it disappears on its own.

When the problem is stronger, comprehensive behavioral therapy is recommended, with a particular focus on relaxation techniques.

If the problem is very strong, antipsychotic medications will have to be used, but only prescribed by health professionals.

Tourette syndrome

Now, there are diseases that have a manifestation of their own. tics Tense.

The most famous is Tourette syndromeOne of its first symptoms is uncontrollable jerky movements in the head and neck.

There are other disorders that cause tics to appear, such as Huntington’s disease or encephalitis.

In all these cases, it is best to go to specialists for serious assessments and appropriate treatments.

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