The rise of Vitek Fanack: Hats defeated the Seabers 2-1

With a slight win on Friday night, the Capitals emerged victorious in their opening season winning streak at Buffalo. But it wasn’t exactly the groundbreaking performance that the hats made easy Thursday night.

The hats took three punishments in the first period, but ably killed them to escape their chains. The second half was the same, but Jacob Frana scored a quick goal to give the capes the lead.

The sword scored in their first shift from the third period, one of several of them Official Loss of a wrist from the blue line. Tom Wilson responded again with an elevator to the top shelf from a standoff point to restore Washington’s lead.

Win hats!

Two down.

  • Czech goalkeeper Vitek Fanack Made his National Hockey League debut. After two busy spells (including 12 saves per second), he allowed his first National Hockey League goal – deflecting Tom Wilson in the lead. Overall, a darn good debut.
  • Meanwhile, nobody liked this so good video that you struggled for countless minutes to create?
  • Last week, notorious villain Kevin Kline posted a story at the Jabber Rink Arena How will soon hats-penalty problems be reversed?. The hats committed five unanswered punishments, three of them in the first period alone.
  • Though great PKs.
  • Jacob Vrana He has two goals in two matches, both of which were crickerjacks. I’ve been expecting a big year old, and Once again I am correct in my analysis.
  • at the same time, Alex Ovechkin It was quiet again. His streak didn’t dominate possession nearly as much as Thursday, and Ovechkin had few precious glances.
  • He’ll probably get better chances now that he’s apparently reunited Tom WilsonVrana’s goal assistant, top scorer, and …
  • Taylor HallThe one I have to mention again is Buffalo Saber now, he took a tablet all over his face. He is back in his third period with a bunch of nasty looking stitches all over his lip.

So what’s good? Too early to say, except for this game that was bad. The Caps have had no control since Thursday night, they demanded a lot from the rising goalkeeper, and took a lot of penalties. But they got another 🌮, and that’s enough for the time being.

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But I’m expecting some Ovi shots from Ovi Spot this weekend.

Next: Hats off to Pittsburgh for an afternoon with the Penguins.

RMNB coverage of hats at Sabers

Banner photo: NHL / Wikimedia Commons / Peter’s fine work

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