The results of a study showed how much battery the dark mode saves on a cell phone

the dark road It has become one of the most popular customization options for mobile users. With the possibility of activating the interface with dark colors, it is not only possible to modify the appearance of the applications, but also improve visibility in low-light conditions.

the Saving battery power in phones with OLED screens This is another great characteristic of this mode, and from this point on, Purdue University developed a study to see if this reduction in screen consumption really matters.

The investigation team Analyze battery consumption with some of the most popular apps on Android devices, such as YouTube, calculator app, Google Maps, Google Calendar, etc.

These apps were used in four smartphones with Oled and Amoled screens: Pixel 2, Moto Z3, Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 5.

The research team analyzed battery consumption using some of the most popular apps on Android devices.

According to the tests carried out, on devices with OLED screens and Using a low brightness level It consumes up to 73% of the total mobile phone battery capacity. Instead, with Brightness level to maximum It is possible to reduce consumption by up to 67% at some stations.

In general, OLED panels offer greater energy savings because the purest blacks are actually the dimmer pixels.

The results show that It is possible to save between 39% and 47% of the battery with dark mode activated and when the device’s brightness level is at its maximum. The study also revealed that battery savings in distinct black tones are lower when the screen brightness is lower.

Dark mode has been installed as a trend that has been adopted by almost all the most popular apps.

In fact, smartphones used in one of the tests that kept the brightness level around 30% and 50%, only managed to save between 3% and 9% of the battery.

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In addition, tests have shown that a dark mode that is activated at a brightness level of 100% is able to save more battery compared to a device that has a light mode with a lower brightness level.

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