The Netflix documentary, narrated by Obama, shows the secrets of the “living fossil” Monito del Monte, recorded in the U Austral Biological Reserve.

service flow Netflix premieres the documentary series this week Fabulous national parks (Our great national parks) and it has one of its gates Dedicated to the parks of Patagonia, Chile. The series, narrated by former President of the United States, Barack Obama, was produced in Chile by Dr. UK Wildspace productIt will start broadcasting on April 13.

In what is considered an unprecedented natural landmark, The Patagonian chapter shows the life of monito del monte, a small marsupial species endemic to the forests of southern Chile, a record made under the scientific supervision of the Dr. Roberto Nespolowho leads many research efforts in San Martin Experimental Station, affiliated with the University of Austral in Chile.

Nespolo and his research team Unpublished details of the biology of this marsupial have been discovered, and how its biological cycle is closely related to that of the forest. For example, they showed that a young monkey experiences profound metabolic depression or “hibernation” during the cold season, a period when it can reduce its energy consumption to 5% of normal. (Megias et al. 2022).

In fact, through the experiments of the middle world at UACh’s San Martin station, the researchers were able to prove that Baby monkeys regulate their energy consumption based on how much food the forest provides (Nispolo et al. 2021). They also discovered new groups of monito del monte and even a new species (Quintero-Galvis 2021). All of these data are summarized in a recent literature review published by the team (Fonturbel et al. 2022).

Monito del monte (Dromiciops gliroides), an endemic Chilean marsupial, is one of the last living representatives of the order Microbioteria. Photo: Roberto Nespolo.

San Martin Station is a temperate rainforest research and conservation biological reserve. It is owned by UACh, and has more than 300 hectares of virgin forest that has allowed, among other things, the study of monito del monte or Dromiciops gliroides Under natural conditions.

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Roberto Nespolo is Director of Fundo San Martín and expressed the importance of recognizing this site as a place of long-term research in the country. “This documentary is also very relevant because it will present Monetto del Monte with incredible images that have never been seen before. Invitation to see the premiere and learn more about the work we have been doing for over 12 years.”

The premiere of the Netflix documentary will present a unique and symbolic type of temperate forest in southern Chile, such as the monito del monte, since it belongs to the ancestral group of Australian marsupials. microbetheriaa researcher at the University of Austral de Chile and director of the Millennium Core explains about the limits of Patagonian life (Lili Nucleus).

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