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At the age of fourteen, he already participated in solo and group exhibitions.

Art runs in his veins, loves realistic painting and artwork. Francisco de Goya. Pablo Jose Andres Sanchez Estrada (PJ Sanchez), a 14-year-old, originally from El Progreso, began painting at the age of seven, with his strokes and color combinations, encouraged by his parents, Oscar Jose Pablo Sanchez Gonzalez s Estella Major s road way, both teachers, who was supported to develop his skills.

At present, the minor combines his studies at the institute and the diploma, on Saturday, in popular university (above), which will peak in 2023.

Tell everyone that if they keep practicing and striving, they can achieve what they want to do. In addition to expressing themselves through artPablo Jose Andres Sanchez Estrada Artist

At the age of nine, he had contact with international art, as his mother was studying Bachelor of ArtIt was thanks to this that as a listener he got a workshop with one of the most prominent American artists, Alexandra Grant, who admired the works of Pablo José.

In addition, shortly after receiving further training with the Mexican plastic artist Nacho Vargas. “I really like to draw because I have the opportunity to express myself, to be creative and to give life with my brush strokes or lines,” said Pablo Jose.

Pablo Jose is a young artist who perfects his art every day. Photo: Courtesy of Facebook Pablo Sanchez.

Continuous work, preparation and awards

Since his childhood he has drawn works that have won the admiration of his fellow students and professors. PJ Sanchez He continues to advance with his knowledge and experience, which already includes in his adolescence that he reached the final stage in the Juannio 2021 call, with building site 2,321 dc. Practice the techniques of acrylic, graphite chiaroscuro, charcoal chiaroscuro, oil, watercolor, palette knife oil, wood crayon, wax, greasy pastel, dry pastel, simple carving and mural painting. “Now I prefer to draw pictures,” said the teenager, “because every line and shadow give life and every expression is different.”

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Received workshops, face-to-face and virtual, with local and international teachers, Hector Solorzano, Estela Estrada, Julio Ajín, Rodrigo Alvarez, Maria Pablo, Ana Lesca, Andoi José Juliette, Marvin Olivares s Giovanni JansThe artist envisions working with realistic painting of the future Renaissance. If you want to know more about his work, you can search for him fan page http: // @pjasanchezestrada.

The teenager showed his talent at exhibitions and was honored. Photo: Courtesy of Facebook Pablo Sanchez.
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