The Iranian Chavista plane was finally transferred from Ezeiza to the United States

The Argentine saga of the aircraft of the Venezuelan company Emtrasur Cargo, which in turn was bought by Chavismo from the Iranian company Maham Air, will end this weekend because it will be transported in a few hours from Ezeiza to the United States.

The plane was handed over by the Argentine judiciary to the American court, which requested its confiscation in 2022. High-ranking sources confirmed the information that they would take him away between Saturday night and early Monday morning, but asked to avoid giving details, according to a report by Natasha Nipiskiquiat in Clarin.

The plane underwent constant maintenance by American officials so that it would not lose its ability to fly. They loaded it with fuel, made it run on the runway, and even repaired its front axle.

There are sheriffs, agents and officials from the United States working on it with the new Argentine authorities represented by the Ministries of Security, Justice and Interior (Immigration), so that its launch is an operation that enjoys the utmost secrecy.

This occurs in the middle of a dark episode that occurred on February 5 when the former first secretary of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Argentina, Jesús Jara Díaz, was arrested in Ezeiza while filming a US Embassy official.

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