The history of unleashing the divine power with a trailer that spans between fantasy and science fiction

The title, developed by tri-Ace, will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam.

Members star ocean They have been waiting for a long time for the news about when the new installment will be released, Ocean Star: Divine Powers Square Enix He finally gives an answer. and this then Announced by surprise in the case of play Last October, the community was waiting for the publisher to confirm the planned title for this 2022.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force will be released on October 27Therefore, fans of this franchise can already look forward to Star Ocean: The Divine Force in the next stage October 27. This is confirmed by the developer, Triple Icewith a trailer that lets us take a look at this set of files Fantasy and science fiction Very characteristic of the saga. Also, everyone who wants to expand their library with this game is in luck, as Square Enix has confirmed a release in physical form.

On the other hand, the distributor also announced a file Deluxe digital copy Which includes the soundtrack to Star Ocean: The Divine Force and a series of armor, accessories, and weapons for use within the game. And if we book this edition or Digital Standard Editionwe will receive weapons for the exclusive use of one of the adventure heroes.

This way, Star Ocean fans really have reason to raise their expectations for fall, as the game has been introduced with new features like a good handful of side stories or a Unique battle system. Ocean Star: Divine power will be available to PS4And the PS5And the Xbox OneAnd the Xbox series and PC via steam.

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