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The countdown to the return of the file has begun stereo picnic festival. It’s been three years since his last Face to Face issue, so there are high expectations among those who have bought their tickets for 2020 version, That because of the epidemic has not been implemented, who have bought their income in recent months.

Happened with history

Nozha Estéreo Festival attended by more than 437,000 peopleroughly equal to the population of Malta, a country European Union. In 2019, the festival broke attendance records, 90,000 people They made it to the most anticipated event of the year in Colombia. in 11 years EFF gone out of existence 2500 participantsin its first version, to more than 90,000.

in 2022 EFF It will feature the largest number of performers on stage in its entire history, more than 88 groups Between 25 and 27 March. In the first edition of stereo picnic In 2010, she performed only eight sets, while in 2014 the festival lasted for three days for the first time.

The 11 editions of the festival brought together 410 sets from all over the world. Estéreo Picnic has presented 241 international bands throughout its history, while 169 national groups have stepped into various stages of FEP.

Plus 75 artists from United State She participated in the festival, including The Killers and The Strokes, while 60 Latin American groups passed the festival, from Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, among others.

like that, 32 swimming pools From countries such as Russia, Germany, France, Spain and Sweden, among others, they put the European stake in the EFF scenarios. From the United Kingdom participated 53 bandsthe vast majority originated from England.

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Thus, the stereo picnic is born more than 10,000 direct jobs Among collaborators in production, logistics, arts, marketing, and more. This version will go down in history as the most expensive edition of the FEP, as about six million dollars were invested in the artists.

It rained more than once during the festival days, but the title of the most epic torrential rain goes to 2016, while 2018 was another release saying goodbye with a little heavy rain. It was so complicated in terms of logistics, that Director Gorillaz, a friend of the Radiohead director who showed up two weeks after the festival at the same venue, warned them not to play there. Radiohead leads in Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park.

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