The great benefits of running slow

“It improves resistance, arterial pressure, muscle strength, lung capacity, and heart capacity. It also lowers the basal pulse (at rest) and exerts the ability to adapt to Training Long, which they call “mental strength”Certain Martin Jaime, Coach From the Evolution Trail-Run team, in conversation with ÁmbitoHe added, “In addition, the reserve capacity of glycogen has been improved, and at the endocrine level, it generates excellent results, because it balances the hormonal part.”

Then the coach added it this way “You are teaching your body to break down and consume fats because you move through the aerobic zones.”. This means that More beneficial for losing weightOne of the reasons so many people come close to running.

Running around

Running slowly is essential to building a good base and growing in discipline.


Getting out for a jog and not “giving it everything” with every workout is key for people new to the activity. “Tendons, ligaments and joints adapt. In training regimes, it is used to accommodate high-quality work or sessions and waste, such as lactic acid, is removed. After a competition or intense work on the track, the next day there is a job of this kind.”

For more experienced people, the benefits are also evident: “Gait and technique improved. When you run at full speed sometimes you are uncoordinated, so Work slowly becoming more economical and more effective“Physical education teacher explains.

What is slow running?

In the Slang used by runners, Slow running is CCL (continuous slow running) work. It comes to b The function does not usually exceed 140 or 145 beats per minute.

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For those who have a watch with a heart rate monitor, it’s easy to control the speed and stay within this heart rate zone. However, many fans do not have this technique for their workouts.

“Slow running is a comfortable jog, where you can go chatting. This is an indicator that coaches use often: create a little dialogue with the students and thus test how tired they are. This ensures that you are in a state of pulse.”, Reveals FC max athlete and coach.

Slowly run to build a base

Taking action fast at high speed is a real temptation. However, It is crucial to establish a good base To be able to stand the year and why not, the sporting life of every contestant.

“The initial work is essential and the illusion of the“ foundations ”, and the basis from which you will later build your entire sporting life. It is necessary that we start there, always with work of adaptation, without skipping or minimizing these stages. It takes time and it is good. If you avoid them, it will fall Later on, problems and injuries. “Martin Jamie warns.

Then, the physical education teacher emphasizes that slow exercises are the key to getting better as a runner: “Depending on each and their discipline, these exercises are an essential part. Always, the greatest number of kilometers that an athlete travels is performed by running at low rates. By this I mean that among The six days a week they run, two can be of quality, and at a fairly high intensity, the rest are low absorb and load.

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