The Four Top Tips for Starting a Business in the US, According to Latinos

Specialized account Latinos in the United Statesreleased 4 Tips that can be the key of success On the path to achieving the American dream.

Starting a business in the United States is a common goal for many immigrantsWho seek to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the State of the Stars and Stripes to start and grow their businesses. However, along the way, they usually have many obstacles to overcome, so Through the American TikTok account Without Filters, these tips have spread widely.

The video begins by recommending this first step Copy simple, proven and profitable business models. Don't venture into a project that has a lot of room for error and work with companies that you know work.

Then it is recommended Learn everything you canBecause the more information you have, the more creative you will be and you will be able to have a broader picture as well as more tools.

As a third step, the video says so Start now and don't wait until you have everything you need. It is emphasized throughout the video that one should not wait for ideal conditions, because they will never arrive. In this sense, It is recommended to inform yourself of everything you needIn addition to the type of paperwork that must be done and the rest of the rules that the United States applies to each type of business.

The last tip is to know that you will have to work hard; Because, according to the video's author, Thinking it won't work is one of the most common mistakes. The video points out that when you start a business, you become self-employed and will have to work more. You will have to expand your business to delegate responsibilities while still investing in it.

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How to create a company in the United States?

According to the US government in Spanish, if you are considering starting a business in the United States, US Small Business Administration (SBA) can you Help in starting your business; From planning and financing to management and opening.
There are several steps you should take before you get started. With businesses, including the following:

  1. Guidelines for hiring and managing employees.
  2. Steps to pay taxes and purchase insurance.
  3. Guides on financial management.
  4. Requirements for applying for licenses and permits.

The authorities recommend this Review the regulations and laws of each country and seek advice from people who specialize in the subject And with verifiable experience to avoid legal problems or scams.

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