The experience can now be pre-downloaded for free on PS5 and Xbox Series

The proposal, created with Unreal Engine 5, will be linked to the movie’s premiere, The Matrix Resurrections.

Just a few days ago, Matrix fans were overjoyed Leaking Most curious: Matrix Awakens, an experiment created with Unreal Engine 5 Who was about to utilize the full power of PS5 To immerse ourselves in the world we met with Neo over 20 years ago. The general proposal remains a mystery, but its creators want to open the door to this universe more and more humor Completely unpublished as it is advertised before unloading The Matrix Awakens en PS5 y Xbox Series.

Get ready for a glimpse into the future of interactive storytelling and entertainmentX-BoxThis is how he shares it Keanu Reeves In a short presentation video where it is indicated that the experiment can free download on both platforms. Of course, we won’t be able to do anything with the show until it’s revealed during the Geoff Keighley party, because until that point we’ll only see a counter in the very distinctive Matrix style.

In addition, this was an opportunity to learn more about the general idea of ​​the Matrix Awakens, as it appears that it will be presented as an entirely new experience focused on Communication story. After all, the Xbox site suggests: “Get ready to take a look at The future of interactive and entertaining storytelling With Unreal Engine 5 in this free demo of real-time cinematic technology that pushes the boundaries. “

Of course, The Matrix has always been known for going beyond everything we know about technology and visualize our surroundingsSo, it is not surprising that they entered the world of video games. But it’s not the first time we’ve seen Neo in this digital world, as his suggestion led to him Create multiple addresses, as we remember it in special collection.

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