The digital book becomes a useful guide for businessmen

Wednesday 6 April 2022 – 12:00 AM

The publishing project that was born in Panama, amid a pandemic, is already a “best seller” on Amazon.

During this pandemic, in Panama, out of every 10 people affected by layoffs, suspensions or salary cuts, 7 have embarked on entrepreneurship.

Business consultant Mirja Ceballos asked, “The idea is that those projects that have sprung up in the shadow of the pandemic eventually become big companies…but how many of them will really be sustainable over time?”

With this interest in mind, Myrja decided to put over 15 years of experience as a business consultant into practice and write a book that would be a useful tool, especially for women who are starting their own business ideas.

And after 11 months of work over the past year, the digital book “The Essential Guide to Profitability, Agility, and Sustainability in Your Business” has been created.

It is already available on Amazon, where it has become a “best seller” with excellent reception in the markets of the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Its author explains that it is not a reading book, but a practical guide with exercises for assessing and preparing businesses for transformation and measuring economic impact.

“It’s aimed at women, but it can also be read by men, and even those who have businesses with years of implementation,” the author explains.

“The most satisfying thing is that it is a ‘collaborative knowledge’ book. That is, there are other people who have contributed to this book; people from Panama, Peru, Costa Rica and Spain talking about the companies of the future,” Mirja Ceballos noted in an interview with El Siglo.

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“Other than the ‘best sales’, or the gold seal, what motivates me most is my ability to help these women who cannot yet have a fully developed business,” she concluded.

The aim of this book is to support women who have businesses between one and five years old, but who are still looking to sustain their leadership.

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