The (crucial) importance of tags on Netflix

They get it right more than the algorithm

Netflix and its wide offer which must be ordered of course

I'm not going to lie to you, I quit Netflix a while ago (everything disappears), but I have to admit that when I signed up I watched a lot more shows than I do now., that I had everything else, read SkyShowtime, HBO Max, Prime Video… and I'm sure it was because of two things. Firstly, Grandma To be video on demand, the second Recommendations and lists Made by the famous platform, which also seemed tailor-made for me.

The blame for everything falls on the team 30 people,calls Discrimination marksor tags, a function that may seem trivial but sets Netflix apart from the rest and that partly helps Double the numbers of its competitors More directly, Prime Video, in the US; 7% of total TV usage is Netflix compared to 3.4% represented by Amazon's service.

the importance of time

“the people It will take much longer Of choice,” says Alan Donald, product manager at Netflix New York times In an interview, referring to what would happen if labels didn't exist. In fact, sometimes It has been removed as an experiment And perceptions They fell Radically.

“On average, if you don't get someone to click play In 53 seconds“The likelihood of a person seeing something goes down dramatically,” said Eunice Kim, who is also the company's product manager alongside Donald. The use of labels is crucial When indexing each title individually, but they also reference them when Netflix gives us “Marathon for the Weekend” or some movie's “For a Girls' Night Out.”

Netflix tags

“Grind” movies on Netflix

Origins “Promotional” as they refer to it within the platform that appeals to our ability to visually pay attention, a term that also includes the miniatures that we see on Sliders (those chains of segments that change each other). Nomenclature is a possibility, said Julia Alexander, chief strategy officer at research firm Parrot Analytics They work on a granular level. “When we see the term ‘disembodied’ or we see the term ‘cerebral’, we understand that substantially What does that mean,” he said.

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Some of the terms that the owners of the above brands were responsible for choosing have proven to be the case More effective than the algorithmwhich recommended a series or movie to us based on our history and tastes by pressing a button, the Surprise Me button, which ended. Disappear.

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